2019 Outdoor Festival Package

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DC productions 2017 A festival packageA system festival package 2017
Mobile Stage, Sound, Lighting, Staffing, etc.


Sound system
2-X32 Berhinger sound consoles (one FOH and one Monitors)
200 ft multi channel audio snake 32 inputs 8 returns
16-high power RCF-hdl 20a line array speakers, with all the hardware needed.
8-high power DB s30 dual 18” sub speakers. 6 pallets to ground stack speakers on.
12- stage monitors with a 12” woofer and horn.
Full mic and di package with stands cables. Shure sm 58, 57, 56, 52, 81, mics
Electric power distro panel with feeder. (stage power)
10- 20 amp stage power drops
AVOLITES – console control
16-1000watt pars front wash white light.
16- moving heads,
4-LED bars (r g b a w) back wash. On backdrop
Dimmer rack and feeder with cabling
Extra hardware
20-cable ramps and 12 bike racks.
12X12 front of house tent and a 16X16 monitor tent. 10 sheets of Plywood.
Mobile stage
32ft wide X 24ft deep X 4ft tall deck.

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