32×24 Mobile Stage and Roof System

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FrontRow 4500 Mobile Concert Stage

Setting a New Standard – Century’s 4500 series of FrontRow Concert Mobile Stages sets a new standard for function, speed and ease of mobile stage operation, offering professional concert staging with an attractive, open appearance, and significantly reduced set up time. Specifically designed for organizations requiring a large covered elevated stage deck, outdoor durability, and the ability to travel throughout the community. FrontRow 4500 concert mobile stages feature fast, hydraulically actuated operation, for quick set up in a fraction of the time and labor typically required for similar size concert stage structures.

V__C702FrontRow 4500 mobile stages are built to provide an uncluttered performance venue with open, unobstructed sightlines for enhanced audience enjoyment.

By combining capability with ease of towing and fast, easy set up, FrontRow 4500 mobile stages encourage more outdoor activities and events, and greater utilization, with more activities and community involvement than previously possible.

By significantly reducing the time and manpower that is traditionally required for the set up of a concert stage of this size and capacity, you now can schedule faster move in and out times, plus allow additional time for you to focus your efforts on sound, lighting, and other performance preparations.

moblie stage with speakersCentury’s 4500 series of FrontRow Concert Mobile Stages are designed to enhance your outdoor performances – to make your events look outstanding while additionally making your job considerably easier.

All are backed by Century’s 30 + years of experience in the design and manufacture of mobile outdoor staging.




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